Action Day Sunraysia October 2015

Three young members of Sunraysia’s Rhee Taekwon-do school are the latest to achieve martial arts success through their study of the Art.

Zane Cocks, Alex Meimetis and Brandon Kitt were promoted to Black Belt by World Master Chong Chul Rhee, the Founder and Father of Australian Taekwon-do.

Members of Rhee Taekwon-do Sunraysia performed a fantastic display at the October 27th Action Day and Grading Examination which was held at the Mildura Rhee Taekwon-do Headquarters, the Chaffey Secondary College Gymnasium.

The young leaders have trained for several years under the guidance of their Instructors – Zane (Mildura), Alex (Irymple) and Brandon (Merbein). Master Rhee put each of them through a vigorous test of knowledge, ability and endurance. The test included a series of board breaks as well as several rounds of fast paced free sparring with the senior members and instructors, to test their determination, spirit and ability to focus while fatigued. Finally very happy and exhausted Zane, Alex and Brandon were awarded their Rhee Taekwon-do Black Belt!