Promotions, School visits

St George College and Irymple Secondary College:

Promotion and awareness of Rhee Taekwon-do continues with vigour, and during September Chong Kwan Jang Nim Aaron, SaBum Josh and Yudanja Josh visited St George College in Adelaide’s West, with an introduction to Rhee Taekwon-do in an afternoon session with around 60 year six students. The students had a blast! They enjoyed learning some basic technique, self defence, and sparring! Three students were selected for their outstanding level of energy and willingness to listen and learn, they were rewarded with a board break opportunity! First, the two boys had a couple of great tries each, but weren’t quite successful, however when our young lady student approached the board with great enthusiasm and listened carefully to the instruction offered to her, she successfully broke the board, and received a great round of applause from her fellow students.