Action Days!

Sunraysia’s final Action Day for 2013 was held on Thursday 7th November, and was a huge success! World Master Chong Chul Rhee was so pleased to be in Sunraysia, always happy to see the dynamic members of our region with smiles on their faces. Six new Black Belts were presented by our World Master, Yudanja Chelsea Griffiths (Mildura HQ)and Ricky Memery (Red Cliffs) were promoted from Black Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt after several years of commitment to Rhee Taekwon-do this is an opportunity to further grow their already impressive knowledge and in the future become the next SaBum for the region. Yudanja Nicole Memery (Red Cliffs), Nikki Maygher (Merbein) and Jayden Valinoti Action Day – Rhee TKD(Robinvale) also join the first Dan Black Belt ranks after an equally impressive test of technique, knowledge and spirit!