Black Belt Training Adelaide

April 2015

Each year a weekend is chosen where all the Sabum and Yudanja from both the Adelaide and Sunraysia regions are invited to take part in a special training weekend. Most recently this was held on the weekend of April 10-12, this is a great chance for the leadership team across our great regions to build camaraderie together and most importantly to ensure the technique we are sharing with our members is consistent.

The opportunity to train directly under Chong Kwan Jang Nim Aaron is also quite rare for the Sunraysia members, and the big training night on Friday in Glenelg was the perfect way to start the weekend. A quick warm up in Colley reserve started at about 4pm, with the official start at 5pm at the Glenelg Dojang, after the customary greetings between our regions leaders, training started with earnest! The first hour went flying by and soon the Glenelg Dojang members were arriving and preparing to join in for their family class for the next hour! Members really enjoyed the time spent training with the visiting Black Belts who shared with them all their expertise, allowing them to aim even higher for their own goals!